18 February 2009

Tomay-toh, Tomah-toh

Look, I know a bit about politics, but I couldn't stand toe to toe with people who obsess about it, so if you're looking for a deep, point v point argument, you're not going to find it here.

But explain to me how huge boat loads of money being spent on America is any better OR worse than huge boat loads of money being spent in Iraq, Afghanistan and hundred of other places around the world. They BOTH screw the taxpayer. Quit screaming that Obama is burdening our kids with massive debt we'll not get out from under, eh, Bush did the exact same thing via the war machine.

Equally, and almost exactly the same is label that of "Tax & Spend" versus "Spend & then not give a crap out about how to pay for it, oh maybe it'll trickle down" They BOTH screw the taxpayer.

I'm not saying Obama is right or wrong but can we all just be honest with each other that neither party has it right and no matter which policy gets pushed we, the citizens of this country get screwed?

Each side of the aisle needs to get off their high horses.

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