18 February 2008

I need to be more patient

For 41 years of my life, I honestly didn't have too many people telling me what to do or that I need to do something differently. Those that did, I ignored happily as frankly it wasn't their business.

Have a kid and boy does that change. Everyone and their mother comes out of the woodwork to give you "parenting" advice, even if they haven't been a parent of an infant for a long time.

It's funny. The nurses in the hospital told us this would happen. They said to make sure that we do what WE want for our baby and make sure that anyone coming close follows those orders as well. Additionally, that everyone and their "best advice" should honestly just keep it to themselves and that we should reserve the right to tell them so.

So after 10+ weeks of his life where he's not hurt for anything and has been a very happy baby, we're getting over-analyzed at times in group environments. We bounce him too hard, patting him on the back makes his stomach upset, we're feeding him too much at once........

I tend to answer back a little "tersely" to these kinds of comments. I guess I need to realize that people feel that they are giving us the best advice, even when it isn't. I just feel that it's an affront to MK's and my parenting when, what we've been doing so far, is being met with approval from Aidan's pediatrician and others who have seen him.

I just don't know how else to answer these people than frankly, it's none of their business. I guess people have just gotten so used to the "It takes a Village" mentality (puke) that they feel they have rights to say these things.

It only takes a village if you're on welfare and foodstamps and then, it only takes a village to PAY for it all.

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