23 February 2008

Pot, meet Kettle

I love how desperate Hillary is getting with the mounting wave of support subsiding and low tide upon her.

Nitpicking everything from Barack just shows how petty she can be when things aren't going her way.

It's funny to me how she can criticize about borrowing words (supposedly WITH permission, now) but yet, she's done plenty to borrow from being the First Lady. It's amazing that First Lady now qualifies towards her years of experience.

She also tried to whip up a frenzy about the Tony Rezko contributor issues, but the amount of "dirty money" she's taken in the past eclipses whatever Barack might have taken in this "few years of experience".

Lastly, how quickly she forgets about the "right wing conspiracy" and of course the Vince Foster incidents as well as TravelGate and tons of shady dealings with real estate in Arkansas.

Maybe Barack being such a newbie isn't a bad thing. Not enough years of crap that was done to drudge up on him. With experience, comes a total review of your record Mrs. Clinton. Sorry about that, but you knew it could happen when you thought you wanted to run.

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