07 February 2008

What New Year's Resolution??

Yep, one of my resolutions for '08 was to be extremely active in posting to this here Internets blog ;-) Chalk that one up to the other ones from the last 25+ years such as:
  • Lose weight
  • Get more frequent haircuts
  • Get organized at home
  • Work smarter and achieve work/life balance
  • Lose weight
  • Date someone normal (hey, I actually GOT that one done back in 2004 and then married her!!)
  • Stop eating fast food (appearing for it's 20th straight year now)
  • Lose weight
  • you get the idea

So only today when someone mentioned that they Googled me and saw this blog (Hi Cheryl!!) did I snap into consciousness and remember how I love to do this. Funny how the OTHER Brian LoCicero's show up before me in that search. I guess I just don't work hard enough at tacking keywords into my webpages and posts to optimize my search rankings. BTW, I've spoken to both of the other Brian LoCicero's and both are cool (how could they not be?)

One has to admit (one meaning ME) that having and taking care of a newborn does take precedence over silly things such as blogging, but hey, 9 weeks old or not, he's gotta cut me some slack. I mean, am I NOT the best Father in the world that I bought him his own domain even before he was out of the womb? Of course it currently points to my sweet 4-letter .com domain (which ALSO goes without updates frequently), but he's having trouble understanding the basics of html/xml/rss at the moment. I'm sure he'll get better soon.

So, updates on the boy. Here's the entire catalog of pictures. With my folks back in Florida for awhile, this is the way to get updates to them including some video (in the most recent album). And about that, my Dad surprised the crap out of me the other day by saying he wants to buy a webcam when he gets back in Illinois so that when they are in Florida next winter, they can talk to Aidan face-to-face. Unbelieveable!!!! I think this is the 7th year now he's been using a computer (never used one EVER before that) and now he's editing digital pix and video for my Mom and soon, being able to chat to us via webcam.

Now, for those of you who know my Dad, he'd NEVER do this, but I'm going to love blowing him crap saying that he's setting up his own porn site and needs the cam for that.

Aidan is now 12 lbs., 10 oz., does a great job sleeping through the night (5-6 hours at a crack) and is very aware of his surrounding and incredibly strong (holds up his head like a champ and did so in the THIRD week of his life and also can "stand" on our tummies, with us holding him). My Mom believes he's going to be walking (holding onto furniture) by 6 months. She said that I did and he's very much like me.

By the way, nothing in the world smells like a Similac burp. I've been known to roust up even the most vile smells (after long nights of Sierra Nevada bottles), but having a child burp in your face just takes the cake. At least that is, as I hear, until he starts eating solid foods.


  1. Hi Brian,

    Is your nickname "Duey"? If not, what's the story behind the "duey.com" domain. I'm only asking because my name is Duey and that's how I found your site. Just curious.

    Take care,


  2. Yes, it's been my nickname for over 20 years now. Got it college and it stuck ever since.

  3. Brian Locicero4:35 PM CDT

    Hey Brian Locicero! It's Brian Locicero! (the one from San Francisco that is).

    I thought I was the only one blogging. Great to see another Brian Locicero online!