22 February 2008

The "King of Roasts" makes a comeback

I really couldn't be happier, but the resurrection of Prime Rib in restaurants around Northeastern Illinois is in full force.

Since I fancy myself an amateur restaurant reviewer, I have been signing up to receive emails from a variety of restaurants that MK and I like to go to. In the last four to five months, I've seen announcements specifically proclaiming 2-for-1 Prime Rib specials, reduced price specials and even surf and turf specials with Prime Rib.

For some, Prime Rib is "too fatty" or just "too huge" but that's where my arteries are sent on vacation for the night so I can enjoy a large piece of meat. Additionally, one really can't make Prime Rib at home like you could a NY Strip, Ribeye or Porterhouse.

As much meat as I've grilled, broiled, and probably fried in my life, I've yet to attempt a standing rib roast for fear of screwing it up. Slow-roasting is a MUST for good flavoring and that means that after five to six hours, if you've screwed it up, you've wasted time, money and surely, goodwill with your family and/or friends.

So it's "load up the car with the wife and kid and off we go". Restaurants recently putting forth specials that I've enjoyed:
  • Fisherman's Inn, Elburn, actually has had the Tuesday night monster special for almost two years now. 12 oz. for $17.95, a la carte.
  • Orchard Valley Golf Course, Aurora, resurrected their 2-for-$20 8 oz. special which includes soup or salad, veggie and starch and you can upgrade to the 2-for-$25 10 oz. Tuesdays and Wednesdays through March.
  • Foxfire Restaurant, Geneva, $15.95 10 oz. with soup or salad, veggie and starch on Wednesdays

I order mine usually Medium, unless it's the 8 oz. size and then I order it Medium Rare. Usually I will also want the Baked Potato since that's the classic way of serving it, but I'd PREFER a Yorkshire Pudding. Unfortunately unless you're in a restaurant that has English or Irish staff in the kitchen, it's likely NOT on the menu. McCarthy's in Tequesta, Florida used to have it. Yummy.

Now, you might be saying, "Yeah Duey, but these specials are during the week". Of course they are, but if you desire good quality meat and a fantastic price, one needs to make sacrifices. In the case of Fisherman's Inn, the same cut on Tuesday for $17.95 is $27.95 on the weekend and at Orchard Valley, the 8 oz. is $14.95.

So look for specials near you and enjoy. With gasoline back up over $3.10 a gallon, and my 401(k) down 20% in the last year, we need to live life not fearing about what food or drink can do to us. Moderation is key with everything you do, but enjoy life and enjoy quality meat!

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