12 February 2008

Super Delegates

I was watching the news last night and saw some interviews with these "Super Delegates" from the Democratic party. They asked one older white woman who represented Washington D.C. if her entire district where to overwhelmingly vote for Barack Obama (which is what the polls are saying is going to happen) would she still cast her vote, as a delegate who represents that district, for Hilary Clinton?

The parrot-babble that came out of her mouth reciting the Clinton campaign theme was almost on cue.

So no wonder why Hill is pimping out her daughter to call these people. If you can't win on the battlefield, and truly win the support of the populous vote of the people you are going to represent, just spend all of your money and time schmoozing people whose vote seems to count MORE than others.

The reporter went on to say that the "Super Delegates" position was created so that if there were some radical part of the party, it would keep their influence in larger elections to a minimum. It seems to me that the purpose of these "Super Delegates" has gone awry when a delegates OWN DISTRICT is telling them to cast a ballot for one candidate, but then they do whatever they want and cast it for another.

This is why the electoral college must end and the populous vote should be the ONLY way for someone to get elected. We stand in front of cameras and in the faces of other countries and talk about how we control our own Democracy, but yet, as we all learned in grade school before our Constitution tests, one vote, one person really only elects a small group of people who make their own decisions on who should get elected anyway.

I will say this, if Obama is able to win enough delegates (sans Super Delegates) to get the backing of the party to run in the general election and only because of "Super Delegates" does Hillary become the nominee, John McCain will be getting my vote in protest because I cannot live another four years of my life under the Bush-Clinton mafia-style running of this country.

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