29 February 2008

Leap on this day

Of course, have to post on the day that only occurs once every four years.

I've been home all week taking care of Aidan while MK returns to work. He's just the most amazing little guy in the world and how quickly he learns things. Every day is something new with him. He's already shunned the pacifier in favor of just making sucking noises.

While this is something that will get him beat up in school around the other boys, it's hilariously precious at twelve weeks old.

Yesterday he was just the best boy in the world with no major fits or crying jags. I think he's getting used to my routine and how I will be around him. Wednesday was a bit nightmarish, but because I had him out and around town for most of the day AND he wouldn't sleep during all of it, he crashed major at night, sleeping almost NINE hours!!

I think that's why he was so calm, because he probably figured, "Geez, Dad, I really don't want you doing that to me again, it made me absolutely fatigued."

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  1. Anonymous12:15 PM CST

    It's great when they reach this age. However, they're harder to handle when they start to roll.

    John T.