16 July 2008

2008 All-Star Game - a stream of consciousness post

Well, as the bottom of the 10th went on, I had my headline all written as Uggly Uggla, but by the grace of God, Aaron Cook somehow threw 3 consecutive ground balls to get us out of the bases loaded, no out mess the NL found themselves in.

After a flawless Dempster 9th inning, I thought for sure it was the impetus for them to get something in the top of the 10th, but with men on 1st and 3rd, Uggla hit into a DP. Then he went on to have TWO errors in the bottom of the 10th which got us into the situation above.

So here's my sinking feeling, Marmol is left out in the bullpen........... I think I have acid reflux now!

Geez, the 11th inning isn't any better for the NL. Clearly dodging this many bullets means it is time for a big inning in the 12th? Nate McLouth, poor guy stuck on a crappy team and such a good player!! Nice gun to the plate to keep it tied. So after a set of bunts and an intentional walk, it's back to Dan Uggla in the 12th. Goat to Hero? Nope, he totally chumps it by striking out. Admittedly the 3rd strike was ugly bad pitch but geez dude. You had your chances TWICE now. Explains why you're on the Marlins!

Wow Marmol gets Quentin to end the 13th. To quote Joe Buck "How about this? Northside v Southside here."

To the 14th and Buck & McButthead keep making jokes about "This time it counts" and are starting to allude to the fact that once all the pitchers are used, what will happen. I personally would love to see Bud Selig get ripped to shreds by a New York crowd, but let's see what happens.

What?? They just had a second 7th inning stretch? Who the hell is running the show out there? A second 7th inning stretch should occur during the 16th inning, not the 14th you idiots!!

This kid Christian Guzman from Washington has really impressed me tonight. Quick hands, solid hands at third (I was pissed that they pulled Aramis after his walk in the 10th to pinch run) and he has a quick bat. Young and solid, but buried in the nation's Capitol.

So Brad Lidge has another stellar outing like he did in 2005 during the NL playoffs, almost costing the Astros a chance to lose to the Shite Sox. Two hits, a walk and a long fly ball and this means the Cubs won't have home field advantage when they get to the World Series. Nothing will ever come easy and that's fine.

11 in a row for the AL. When will this end? So I'll have fun deleting 5 hours of B.S. off of my DVR now. Good luck and good night.

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