29 July 2008

Bobby Howry, why do you torment me?

Okay Lou, is the Bobby Howry experiment done now? The guy that was supposed to be the rock-solid middle reliever, good for two innings is KILLING US right now.

His ability to almost get out of an inning and then give up a game tying home run is becoming consistent and predictable. Last night being the most recent when he faced the bottom of the order and a pinch hitter who was known for the long-ball stroke, just had me shaking my head.

Just as we start getting the Carlos "curious george" Marmol back into his right frame of mind, we lose the OTHER guy we need.

Lou, I know your tactic is to just let these guys work through their hits and hiccups and get back to normal and last night you were saved by the fact that the Brewers bullpen and Salomon Torres totally screwed up, but you weren't against the Marlins last week.

Cubs fans are impatient and hyper-critical, I know, but jesus, when you have an opportunity to extend the lead over the division and get yourself some breathing room, you can't keep allowing players to lose their heads and then work back. Oh well, that's why I sit on my couch and you sit in the dugout.

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