06 July 2008

4th of July Weekend Wrap-up

I love the long holiday weekends except on Sunday when they end and reality hits us all in the face that we have to go back to work (not TOO obvious of a statement made here, eh?). We had a great weekend at the Desmet's cottage in Cassopolis, Michigan.

With the extension of I-355 all the way to I-80 now, it makes our trip SO MUCH NICER and I do believe shorter. Add to that, that our I-PASSes now work on the Indiana Toll Road's I-Zoom system and we can pretty much make it there in 2.5 hours.

So we ate at a few restaurants before the full family got there. You can see my reviews here.

It also was the second time that Wrigley has gone swimming. One would think that swimming comes naturally to dogs, but last year, I really had to teach her what to do. This year, after the first lap in the water, she remembered and made it a much more pleasing experience. In fact, she loved it so much and was pretty obsessed with getting the orange floaty throw toy.

It was Aidan's first boat ride and first swim. He's just the most adaptable human being I know (seriously). Nothing phases him, he doesn't fuss and he just accepts that something "new" is going on and he'll get used to it. We had some nice daddy/son time in the water and we really had a blast. Unlike that knucklehead in the news a couple weeks ago, I didn't leave my son out in the SUN to burn like a crisp. In fact, he barely got any thanks to the Baby Coppertone and some cool sticky things you put on the kids to know when they've had enough son (the little logos disappear on a light-sensitive sticker).

Here's a few pics from the weekend. I'm dreading going to work this week. I shouldn't, but I just have this feeling that a lot of things are going to blow up.


  1. just beautiful!

    any way we will have a blog on this soon:


  2. Yep, in fact, I was just putting together my thoughts on this. It's been the topic of conversation between the puck-heads in both the Chicago and Detroit MB/KO offices.