14 July 2008

The Curse gets passed on, officially

So Sunday the 13th was Aidan's first Cub game. To break him in easily we actually were on a rooftop along Waveland Ave (the one right at Kenmore) and he seemed to enjoy it. Of course the following:
  1. This means the Cub fan curse has now officially been passed on to a 5th generation LoCicero male.
  2. Since his first game was a Kane County Cougars game and they lost, and, for the first time this year Ryan Dempster loses at Wrigley, he's 0-2 for games in person. That's my boy. Of course, this coming Sunday we're at a Sox game, so I'm kinda hoping he goes 0-3 and then breaks out of his streak ;-) Sorry Shite Sox fans.

Here's some pix of us on the rooftop.

(Aidan calls the beer man for TWO!)

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