21 July 2008

Holy Cr*p, that HURT!

So, last Thursday night I thought I had another serious bout of Acid Reflux setting upon myself but by early Friday morning (like at 4:00am) I knew this wasn't normal. So in true stupidity fashion, I drove myself to the ER to get looked at. Within 2 hours they were already hinting that I was going to be checked in and that some more serious tests were going to have to be done.

I'll cut to the chase and I had a ton of gall stones which were blocking up the passage of fluids from my gall bladder into my bile duct. My hospital stay was short and brief and they were able to do my surgery laproscopically (i.e, they only had to put 5 holes into my tummy and chest). Checked in on Friday and checked out on Sunday. It is amazing what they do these days.

I have some nice pain meds and everyone has been really nice. Mary Kay has been wonderful in supporting me and even getting to the hospital early Saturday morning to bring me my gym shoes (I had to do a stress test before they'd wheel me into surgery).

Hospital food still sucks, that'll never change, but I was made comfortable and it was an overall positive experience. I'm a little slow on my feet right now and standing up and sitting down/lying down are painful experiences to a point.

The good news is though that I'm fixed for now and have to look at some lifestyle changes as without a gall bladder, I need to watch high sodium foods and high cholesterol foods. Otherwise, I'm good to go.

Talk to you all soon.

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  1. DUDE!!! I go away for 5 days and this happens! Just want you to know that I am pulling for you and hoping all is well.