24 July 2008

Low Sodium, Low Cholesterol, Day 4

Today I start my 4th day of watching my diet after my gallbladder surgery. The diet they want me on is, as the title says, Low Sodium (less than 2000 mg of salt per day) and Low Cholesterol (which, I never had high cholesterol to begin with but this is no time to be loading on the eggs and cheese).

Although I do find it limiting AND counter-intuitive to my normal dieting needs (low carb) I've been surviving by digging deep into my spice rack. Butterfly pork chops the other night got nicely seasoned by Chinese Five Spice and I'm finding myself using more pepper than I've ever used before.

I can have meats, but not smoked or kosher ones and low-sodium cheeses. It's funny. I've not paid this much attention to labels on products since I was dieting before my wedding. (Did the Atkins, lost 40 pounds/6 months). It was nice to see that my standard Chipotle Burrito that I order has 2567 mg of Sodium (567 more than I'm allowed daily)

Diet Coke - 40 mg of Sodium (hooray!) although I'm drinking more water than ever before right now as it's easier and more available. Don't touch my nectar of the gods!

I do have to say that my pain level is now down to about a 2 (on a 10-point) and as I'm coming to the end of my pain meds, and I'm fairly confident that I'll be heading back to work on Monday.

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