31 July 2008

From the land of sky blue water...

Comes the baseball refreshing.

Brewer faithful continue to whinge at the fact that half of Miller Park is loaded with Cub faithful who travel 90 miles to support their club. Well, if you sold more season tickets this wouldn't happen. Stop spending 42 hours in the parking lot tailgaiting and get in there and support your team.

The Cubs have taken the first 3 of the 4 games in Milwaukee and the natives have their cheese curds in a bundle. Looking to find any excuse to discount that the Cubs have come in and dominated, resorting to the crowd is a poor excuse.

It has been the match-ups that everyone looked forward to with Lilly, Zambrano and Dempster versus Sabathia, Sheets and Parra and quite simply our pitching is fantastic. Additionally we're finally HITTING again. Soriano looks like he's back to mid-season form and little Mr. Theriot continues his NL Top 5 average hitting ways!! We've also been WAY more aggressive on the basepaths against a catcher who once was ours, Jason Kendall. Kendall's weak arm shows why we quickly didn't resign him in favor of Soto. The Cubs are 7 of 7 in stolen bases in the series already with one more to go today.

Really pleased with the performace EXCEPT for the limping Bobby Howry out of the pen. Thankfully with games 2 and 3, the starters went 8 innings and we didn't need any middle relief. As for closing, Kerry Wood's magical blister continues to keep him from returning and today he'll likely throw his first simulated game. Kerry, stop PICKING YOUR BLISTERS!!!! Jeez.

Of course Cub faithful are feeling really good, but all this is for naught if we come home and just disappear against the Pirates this weekend. We need to sweep the weekend series to really show how dominant we can be.

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