15 June 2008

Aidan's First Baseball Game

What a great sight! We chose this game as Aidan's first Minor League Baseball game because it was the night before Father's Day and it was also a fireworks night. Kane County Cougar fireworks nights are quite amazing.

We got there early as we had lawn seats (gen. admission) and so you have to claim your territory like an old 49er as quickly as possible. Aidan seemed to be interested in everything around him as his head just kept turning as other people, kids and noises would go by him.

Of course, Daddy had to make sure he ran with Aidan in his arms to get the first picture with Ozzie Cougar.
Too bad Daddy forgets to take off the shades!!
Just a great night out and of course, he stayed awake to exhaustion (which ended up being the 7th inning). He slept through the fireworks, including the loud conclusion. Go figure. Cougars lost 6-1.

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