16 June 2008

My First Father's Day

I never thought it'd be this great. Although the morning started with a violent thunderstorm with high winds, the day cleared up quite quickly and the waking of my son, Aidan with a huge smile to my face, just really sunk in.

At school (daycare) a couple days before, he came home and had green paint on his feet. I know they do a lot of crazy things over there, but I was sort of irritated that they didn't clean them well enough to send him home. Of course, on Friday when I got home after a really crappy day at the office, to see the green footprints on a picture frame that had a poem about how he wanted to follow in my footsteps, it just brought a tear to my eye.

What an amazing day and just to see him so happy. I can only hope he stays happy and I help keep him happy for many years to come.

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