29 June 2008

So much for this, Sucks 5, Cubs 1

Wow. Marshall actually surprised me and pitched pretty damn well, but he got no run support. Ramirez was 0-for-the-series (13 or 14 ABs). No runs = No wins.

Thoroughly doubting what can happen at this point. I'm not going to blame the umpires, but when Lou got tossed, ESPN let slide that the Ump at 1st and behind the plate were minor-leaguers who were called up to allow the regular staff some vacation time. You have two first-place clubs going at it and you allow minor-leaguers? Wow.

We still stunk up the joint this weekend. If we can't win against the AL clubs than it might be nice to get to the World Series and lose. All the sports-radio idiots have got to stop talking about how we'll be so much better when we get back Soriano, Zambrano and Johnson. During the playoffs everyone has to play and be able to show up. If you can't show up during the middle of the season against your cross-town rivals, than I don't know what sort of motivation you need.

I guess the silver lining in these clouds is Jim Edmonds. Jesus. After hating this guy for so many years with the Cardinals, what a nice find and thanks to San Diego for cutting him loose.

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