17 June 2008

Cubs Hall of Fame Game

Unfortunately the Hall of Fame game (this would have been the 69th ever and it was the LAST one that would have been played) was cancelled today (06/16/08).

But I believe the Cubs would have missed a fantastic opportunity to make a statement to both the Hall, the writers and the league. Although the game wasn't to be televised, what a wonderful thing it would have been to at least come out for the start of the game with every single player wearing the number 10!

Ron Santo belongs in the Hall. This isn't just a bandwagon jumper saying it, I truly believe it. His numbers rivaled Brooks Robinson (AL's most notable 3rd basemen during the same time) but because he played when Brooks played, he just is over-shadowed. It's insane how he's been screwed over so many times by the writers and then most recently by the veterans committee.

Even if the Cubs would do it for batting practice it would have been significant. It would be nice if, WHEN they make the World Series they come out for BP wearing #10's EVERY DAY!! Send the message.

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