06 June 2008

How NOT to start a fire...

  • Every year we head down to Indianapolis for the 500. (fast cars = good times)
  • Every year we venture just northeast of the city to Chuck and Cynthia Fice's house for some drinks and socialization. (don't use your GPS, it won't find it properly)
  • Every year Chuck has a bonfire in his backyard just under the telephone lines. (still haven't burnt them down).
  • Every year Tom throws a little "help" on the fire to get it started. (he has good medical at his job)
  • Every year, we worry someone will burn themselves, but not this year!!! (we say that every year)
  • Watch the ground just as it gets lit.
  • That's the danger of using "help" when starting a huge bonfire.

No animals were harmed in this video. Twigs, branches and logs...absolutely!

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