02 June 2008

It's Election-time, the nuts are out!!

I actually watched with laughter at the Fr. Michael Pfleger sermon video from Trinity United Church of Christ. I'm sure most everyone who cares has seen this.

I dunno. I mean, I think he kind of hit it on the spot with respect to Clinton*. Sure I'm supporting Obama, but the people screaming the most about this are those who just know it's true. Clearly what has driven Barack's decision to quit this church though is the reactions from the congregation behind and around this sermon.

As a Roman Catholic, actually, if I was able to go hear lively and robust sermons like this (well, maybe not EXACTLY like this), I might even go to church more often. The Catholic Church has gotten boring over time. I'm almost 42 now, and you can only hear the same stories over and over and over so many times. I'm also not encouraging preachers and Priests to start campaigning. We've had enough focus on religion in our politicians long enough now. In fact, I think that with Bush, we've seen TOO MUCH religion being used in political decisions and speeches.

Of course, then there's THIS lovely lady from New Yawk.

It's not going her way and so it's a conspiracy. She's bitching to the press and then when the press asks her her name and how to spell it, she thinks it's the CIA or FBI?? Wow, get out of the bunker Harriet.

I guess she's the latest to find out (very late in life) that the political parties do whatever they hell they want to do. Let's see, the whole SUPER DELEGATE creation is a manipulation which allows the Democratic party to over-ride whatever the popular vote says. You have Super Delegates whose entire district overwhelmingly voted for Obama (including one from Washington DC, a predominantly African-American city), yet their white SD boldly proclaims on the national news that they are voting for Hillary who is a much better candidate.

Since the start of this fine nation, the Electoral College overrides the popular vote. Now, in all but four elections, the candidate with the most populist votes was confirmed by the college. John Quincy Adams, Rutherford Hayes, Benjamin Harrison and George W. Bush were all lucky dogs who lost the popular vote, but still became President.

So summing up, you have a Primay Election process whereby popular vote may not mean a lot since there's so many Super Delegates they will put whatever candidate they want in place to run in a National Election where, the popular vote could potentially fall to the Electoral College, another group of "super delegates" who cast their votes however they want. Are we really that far from a Monarchy? clearly we're DIFFERENT than one, but in the end, 538 people truly choose our President.

*I definitely don't agree with his views on guns or entitlement with respect to other immigrant families in America

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