11 June 2008

Are we still in the rebuilding years?

The Chicago Bulls announced Vinny Del Negro as the 17th head coach of the club today. What??

Talk about a franchise continuing to go in the wrong direction. I hope that by sometime next February I can look back at this post and say how WRONG I was, but there's just no way possible I think that's something you can take odds on.

The continued lack by John Paxson of bringing in significant talent to the organization at ANY level really makes this his swan song if it doesn't pay off.

The Bulls hit the magic lottery and have the #1 pick in the upcoming draft, but that poor pick is going to show up to the Berto Center and see that he's playing for someone who has never coached in the NBA in his life, played on a college team AFTER they won the NCAA (he missed being there by one year) and most recently was an Assistant GM for the Phoenix Suns who traded for a tired, old Shaquille O'Neal who plays post-up ball when the club is a run-and-gun team.

Pax, you'll forever be the guy I remember hitting the outside jumpers to clinch a couple Bulls championships, but seriously, you're in way over your head.

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