24 June 2008

George Carlin

I had the weirdest chill up my spine when I heard that he had died. First, I didn't hear about it until 5:30 when I got home tonight.

Second, last night, very late, I was burning his last HBO Comedy Special off of my DVR onto a DVD for my Mom and Dad. The special was back in March, but I've been dragging my butt getting it burned.

So very possibly, as I was burning his special, he was passing away. Very freaky odd.

I burned it onto the same disk I burned the most recent Dana Carvey special. Here's hoping lightening strikes twice. (I'm KIDDING!)


  1. Have to admit, I never got into him as I have other stand-up comedians (mostly from listening to the bbboys). But all the guys on the show this am were really broken by it - they all listed him as up there with Pryor. I always heard about him as being such a bad-a%@, but then saw him in things like Prince of Tides and Cars. Maybe I should give another shot.

  2. Yeah, he does pretty good observational comedy. I've seemed to always have HBO and so I've seen a lot of his specials. They are pretty good.

    His best role was as one of the elders in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure!