23 June 2008

Cubs 7, Sucks 1

Another fine display of the fire-power that is living within the walls of 1060 W. Addison.

Numbers sticking out in my head from last night's telecast.

* Dempster: 9-0 at home, first time in 50 or so years a Cub starter has done that
* 14 in a row: First time since 1936 a Cub team has done that
* .312: Cubs team batting average at home this year
* 8 out of last 9: Victorious Cubs v Sucks series
* A-Ram has hit more HR off Sucks pitching than any other player in the AL. He went 6 for 13 with 4 HR, and 8 RBI in the series. That's your NL player of the week.

Now, this could all change next week at the Joan where the Sucks have been as dominant and where the Cubs are just under .500 on the road. So all of these wins are for naught unless we win at LEAST one game there.

I really like the slim and trim running Cubs. Fukudome, Patterson, Johnson, Theriot all have great speed and it looks like Lou is sorting out how to use it effectively. Hit and runs are beautiful when executed properly.

How were the rats Ozzie? As big as pigs? Surely even _they_ kicked your ass this weekend. Sorry Cubs ownership couldn't hold the State of Illinois hostage 20 years ago by threatening to go to Tampa-St. Pete to get a bright new shiny stadium, where, if you don't hit a specific attendance, rent is only $1 a year.

I guess that's how you roll though. See you Friday!

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