05 October 2007

99 Years of Futility on the Wall, 99 Years on the Wall

I think most people thought I'd post after each Cub game. Well, given the times of night that they ended and the fact that my brain just aches so much after watching the decisions and plays that unfold before me, it's just been impossible.

So here we are on travel day with the Cubs coming home down two games to the D-bags. I have the tickets for the Game 4 (if necessary) game on Sunday when, as Lou already told us after Game 1, Zambrano will go on 3 days rest and be ready for Game 4. Of course that was Lou who thought that they'd come back to win Game 2 to ensure that. I doubt he thought we'd be down two.

Where to start? Well Game 1 is pretty easy to sum up. Zambrano was fantastic and the first 5 batters in our order were futile. Now, to the decision of Lou to pull Z after the 6th inning. Anyone who knows me knows that I watch Z as closely as anyone. For the money we're paying, we should be hoping he's the next coming of god. But I've said it 100 times, after the 6th inning and/or after his 100th pitch, he turns to crap. So although he's rocking along, Lou got defensive and made the decision he PROBABLY should have made during regular season play several times. We might have had a few more wins and maybe home field advantage for the first round. Last point on Game 1, Soriano. All year he swings wildly at the first pitch with it paying off many many times. But now he watches the first pitch (almost every time it was a fastball down the middle), and then ends up swinging at all the breaking sliders and curveballs. Go figure! Surely he figured out what he was doing wrong and has fixed it (irony)

Game 2 was a disaster. Ted Lilly couldn't find his rhythm, pitches or attitude. 50 pitches by the end of the 2nd inning and the Danica Patrick footstomp/slam glove into the mound after giving up the 3-run shot. Good thing he was keeping his cool last night. The first 5, now with only Theriot in it as a change continues to not bother show up leaving all the heavy lifting to the back end of the order. Geovany Soto has pretty much solidified his opening day 2008 starting position behind the plate. Hart also looked good out of the pen, although he was getting hit hard, he's the future and frankly, at this point, that's where we're ending up (again) talking about "next year".

Game 3 tomorrow brings us Livan Hernandez v Rich Hill. At this point the Cubs have nothing to lose so they can literally throw the book at the D-bags. If they win, I get to go to the (if necessary) game to see Z pitch again, this time to just tie up the series. But why get that far ahead of myself?

DK if I'll write much if they lose tomorrow win or lose, but then again, we're Chicago Cubs fans and we'll overanalyze the crap out of this to the point of blood dripping from our eyes.

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