29 October 2007

Four and done

Well, that was fun. Colorado wins 21 of their last 22 (prior to the WS) and then goes 0-4. How futile does the National League look? Can't win the All-star game (which determines home field advantage...not that it would have helped) and continues to put weaker teams forward in the series. Save for the Cardinals, it's been pretty weak.

Congrats Boston. Okay, we get it, you've broken your curse. I could only hope another team could do the same (hint).

I love how they took time during the night to "break" the news that A-Rod isn't going to take his option with the Yankees. Nothing better than during a Red Sox triumph to point out that the guy that snubbed them for the Evil Empire screwed over the Yankees. Sox fans everywhere were smiling, but I bet it was from the excessive amount of alcohol in their system. I really really really hope the Cubs don't think they need him. We have him, his name is Alfonso Soriano.

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