24 October 2007

Gettin' hammered

Boston is killing Colorado tonight. 13-1 is the final score. Let's make it 4 and done, okay?

So today started day one of our basement construction project. The framing, walls, electrical, hvac, phone and cable are to be done in 15-18 days (business) so let's see how that goes. We definitely are paying enough for this first step which will leave us still without carpeting/tile and the bathroom, but we'll see how this goes.

They arrived at 7:30 this morning, had all materials loaded in within an hour and then the foreman stayed until 5:30 this evening putting in the initial studding and floor framing. Here's a picture.

The angled wall you see is where the flat screen is going to reside. This way you'll be able to see the game from any part of the basement. Where I'm standing will be the wet bar down the road. I think our main goal is to get this part done before BabyLo is born and then afterwards, we'll work on the bathroom and the bar and all the other stuff we'll need to do. You can see the air hockey table, and of course, my foosball table is down there as well.

Stay tuned. Day 1 and it's restored the little faith I have left in Customer Service (they were on time, worked quickly for the load in and worked all day to start).

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