26 October 2007

Go Go Red Sox

Sox up 2-0 now. 8 days of rest, not so good for the Rockies. But frankly now, I hope the Rockies get swept. Did you hear that the Rockies were trying to trademark "Rocktober"?

Are they dense? I mean, I've been rockin' to Rocktober as part of WLUP's (97.9FM, Chicago) format for years. Before WLUP, it was WMET (94.7FM since dead and gone) or for that matter ANY FREAKIN' AOR STATION IN AMERICA!!!

Hello, maybe the mile high air is getting to those Coors Light filled brains out there, but you've got to be kidding me!

Go away Colorado. You're the latest flash-in-the-pan franchise to get to the World Series (see Arizona, Florida, the White Sox....I kid!!) but for you to have the gall to try to trademark this, means you actually believe you're going to be playing in the month of October for many years to come. You are not a dynasty, there are no more dynasties in sport. Why don't you find the next "rally monkey" and go away? Or just wear Purple shirts since that's the latest rage (even amongst NBA teams. Remember the "white hot Miami heat" fans??....yechhhhhhh)

(these views definitely reflect a bitter Cubs fan's 41 year drought of World Series appearances. If you don't like them, tough)

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