22 October 2007

Customer Service (update)

So the saga with my printer and CompuBiz continues. I FINALLY got a call back from them on Friday and they let me know that when they get it back in their office, they will inspect and then determine whether or not they give me a refund or a replacement.

I let them know I'd prefer the refund. Anyway, the printer was picked up from my house on Monday the 15th, and 4+ days later it still hadn't arrived back. So these cheap-asses had it shipped back to them FedEx Ground just as they sent it to me.

Today marks 21 days since I first ordered the printer and I'm still without one. I called FedEx to chase this thing down and they told me it was scheduled to be delivered today. I'll be calling CompuBiz tomorrow if I don't hear from them. I'll let you know how it goes.

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