10 October 2007

Miscellaneous post 10/10/07

I have no idea how to put a title to this post, so I'm leaving it as this generic one.

Topic 1: I've taken up restaurant review writing now as a new hobby. I've placed links here on this site and also put a nifty little graphic thingy on the lower right side. Yelp.com is a website where "real people" write reviews for restaurant or for any sort of business or service that one can use. I put "real people" in quotes because I haven't quite figured out yet if there's "professionals" lurking in here or not. There's people that have 500+ reviews. I guess that's possible, but it sure seems fishy.

Anyway, I'm gonna try this out for awhile. I would have never found this but for my friend Heidi (link to her blog to the right as well).

Topic 2: I'm actually now afraid that I'm fully over the Cubs loss (2 days total). I think the dismal performance in the desert prepped me for the eventuality back home. 2003 took me WEEKS to get over. Since the Cubs had home field advantage for the series against the Marlins, I made it to three of the four games including games six (Bartman game) and game seven, the closer. It WAS my single days and so I lived it and unfortunately died with it. It took just a little bit of my heart with it along the way. Of course the good news is always that it's also the reason I met my wife since my online ad at Match.com had the intro line, "Did the Cubs break your heart too"? Let's face it, if I ever was going to get married, it was going to have to be a girl who understood this part of me.

Topic 3: We're officially now only 60 days from the due date of "Baby Lo" and I couldn't be more excited. We were back at Babies R Us tonight to inspect the hutch and glider and had the pleasant surprise of finding out that the night stand was there also. We've also ordered the last piece which is the ottoman for the glider which is also available. Hopefully all is delivered within the next 1-2 weeks. That'll complete the baby's room and allow us to focus on other things yet to be finished. I also took the liberty of registering 2 domain names through Network Solutions. Since we are now officially down to fighting over 2 baby names, it was worth the $19/piece to lock them up for the future. Who knows what our kid will want to do, but I imagine that websites will still be around as he grows up. At least this way, if he wants to create his own website, he'll have it already in his name. I don't think the combinations of names we're coming up with are THAT common, but since I was floored to find 3 other Brian LoCicero's in the world, I can only imagine that somewhere there might be babies being born who have similar names to what we're thinking.

Topic 4: Work has been quite nice as of late. Other than the normal daily "emergency" that seems to pop up I am making progress on several initiatives that I have under my belt and as I get them finished, new ones tend to show up. But for the first time in years, I see closure to things that I start or am working on. It actually is nice, that's all, to be in this position finally.

That's it for now. This is a late-night post, so it's all over the place. Go Tony Stewart!

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