28 October 2007

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey

Goodbye Colorado Rockies. Sox now up 3-0 with Game 4 this evening. I'm not sure what Colorado was thinking, but they surely aren't living up to the "Rocktober" moniker they want. I actually am impressed with Boston in this series. Everyone is hitting and like sharks, when they smell the blood in the water, the attack in a huge flurry.

Up 6-0 and letting the lead slip away allowing Colorado to score 5, they lit it up and came right back in the next inning to bury the hopes of the Rockies faithful. 10-5 final score. Done and dusted.

On another note of "goodbye", the Bears stunk to high hell today. Favored by everyone (including the idiots on the Fox pre-game), the offense didn't bother to show up. For the most part, the defense looked poor, but the Lions had massive trouble punching the ball into the endzone which is why it only ended, 16-7. The Bears, now 3-5 and headed to their bye week, can pretty much write it off. They are 1-3 in the division and so unless they can run the table, they just won't unseat the Pack or the Lions or the Vikings for a Wild Card spot this year. Benson remains uninspiring as a running back, Griese continues to under throw or over throw the receivers, Tight End Olsen seems to be the only guy willing to catch the ball and take a hit.

Humorous to me today was the fact that the NY Giants played the Miami Dolphins in Wembley Stadium. A defensive 13-10 game was played and they probably ripped up the pitch so bad that it'll need to go unplayed on until the FA Cup to recover. What the hell is the NFL thinking? The rest of the world really doesn't care about the NFL. If they did, why did the NFL fold NFL Europe after this last season. Clearly the people aren't fans, but yet, we'll still try to shove it down their throats. I guess the NFL is taking it's lead from George W. Bush and figures that if we just keep telling people the product is the best in the world and that they really really need it, they'll be stupid enough to bite. It's working well for "W". Good job Roger Goodell! I see that Buffalo is asking to play in Toronto for next year......... zzzzzzzzzz. Canada ALREADY HAS FOOTBALL you morons!

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