07 October 2007

"Baby Lo" Update

So, enough of this baseball disappointment, I haven't done a baby update for awhile.

About three weeks ago, Mary Kay found out she had Gestational Diabetes. This means she needs to test her blood sugars four times a day, change her diet to include MORE carbohydrates spread out across the day, and report her levels to the doctors at least once a week.

After the three weeks, the doctors actually have her on medication now to help control the blood sugars as her "fasting level" (first one taken in the morning) stayed higher than 100, which isn't good. The upshot is that she's only taking pills and doesn't have to do insulin shots.

We had another ultrasound this past week and everything is looking great. He's still a little bigger than he should be for this time of his incubation, but that's understood as part of the Gestational Diabetes having an impact. If the GD doesn't get under control, what happens is that the baby grows too fast and then comes early, however his lungs and other internal organs might not be ready and that'll mean some hospital time. Additionally, if he gets too big, that means we need to go C-Section. So we need to watch this and make sure everything works out just fine.

Baby's room is basically done. I need to go through it with a fine tooth comb and make sure everything is ready to go, but the Glider/Rocker is now in and to be delivered soon, which means we're done.

Everyone was very generous at the shower last weekend. Just amazing stuff from amazing people. We're very blessed to have such good friends and family.

We're down to NINE weeks left now, (due date is still around 12/10/07), so the countdown is on. Still lots to do and not much time to do it in, but it'll work out.

Mary Kay is a trooper as her body is going through so many changes that she never knows if it's supposed to feel like that or not. She's been having a lot of pelvic pains as it starts to widen to allow a decent birth canal for the baby to come through.

OH at the last ultrasound he was 3 lbs., 11 oz. so he's going to sprout a bunch over the next nine weeks and Mary Kay will probably feel even WORSE.

Thanks again for all well wishes.

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