26 October 2007

Good or Evil? I don't care, I like them

I realize that Google is the host of this blog and that I use Google's many services every day (search, email, etc). So this might sound like a suck-up statement, but I noticed that in the last week or so, they've upped the amount of email storage you get from 2.7GB to almost 4.4GB.

Sure I bet people can point out to me that there's 42,000 other email services that allow for more, but frankly, that's more space than I will ever need for email. I'm just thankful that they continue to increase storage. Now, if I could use that storage to back-up pictures and music, it'd get better (hint, hint)

Storage has gotten so cheap that I only spent something like $120 on 750GB and I back up my home computer once a week now off of it.

Google gets portrayed as evil sometimes. I dunno, they aren't any more evil than Bill Gates when it comes to megalomaniacal behavior.

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  1. You predicted google drive back in 2007. Great job.