24 October 2007

Hell has frozen over, can you feel it?

Okay, so Hell hath frozen over when:
  • The Eagles got back together
  • Van Halen got back together w/DLR (but not Michael Anthony)
  • The Cubs made the playoffs in '03 and '07
  • Boston won the World Series in 2004

But now, Satan (not THIS Satan) better zip up the parka because Chicago Blackhawk home hockey games may finally be coming to a Comcast Sports Net near you. "Near you" being defined as anywhere in the 60 mile radius of Chicago proper.

Well, if Rocky Wirtz wants to try to change the support for this organization around, he's definitely firing the first shots. He has a young team who is playing some decent damn hockey as of late and NOW we might be able to see all games on TV in Chicago.

Now Rocky, you've gotten your Brother Peter to leave and you've moved Bob Pulford out of the way. People in the organization should be worried that someone is finally going to do something (for the first time since 1961) to get this franchise back to respectable fashion and hopefully back to Stanley Cup glory.

Keep up the good work, and I look forward to the changes.

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