25 October 2008

Burger King Must Die!

Much like the movies:
So I say, BK Must Die.

Since 2004 when they started massive franchise closings, the service at the remaining BK's has just fallen off the face of the Earth. It's like the franchise owners are just saying, "close me next".

Not only is it now costing a fortune just to drive to find one, but once you get there, you wait in drive-thru for what seems like hours. I've had three recent experiences (and many others over the last four years) that really have driven this point home.
  • Granger, Indiana: Early afternoon, non-peak. Was 5th car in line in drive-thru. Ordered and just sat in drive-thru as it took them about 4-5 minutes for each car to deliver the order.
  • Matteson, Illinois: Post-dinner rush. Waited almost 8 minutes to place order. Two cars behind me when I was one car away from the order board, pulled out of line and out of the parking lot. Took almost 10 more minutes from ordering to getting our food
  • Canoe Creek Service Plaza on the Florida Turnpike: Always busy but with Popeye's closed for business in the plaza, it's the only full-service dining option. Waited for almost 15 minutes to place order. Took another 5 to get it. Guy behind me even joked that Popeye's is missin' out on a ton of money tonight.

What's disturbing is that these are all happening during NON-peak time. In fact, they are happening when they should be at their fastest since there's no pressure to make 200 orders "My way". I can understand the occasional slip by a QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) on having an off day but they are happening way too frequently and sequentially for me to consider BK as a "first choice" when usually they are close enough to other choices from here on out.

I used to LOVE BK because I didn't have to wait to get my special order (I like most burgers plain except for cheese) but now they've truly become just a "royal" pain in my ass. They should stop trying to be cute with their TV ads (kill the King) and stick to fixing their business.

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