03 October 2008

The ONLY positive from last night

Well, there really are two.

a) El Bueno Zambrano DID show up, unfortunately the seven buffoons playing behind him need more little league practice
b) I didn't have to suffer through ANY FrankTV commercials. Frank Caliendo, go eat a bag of shit.

Off to the fun and sun of Chavez Ravine. Harden in Game 3 and *if necessary, Lilly in Game 4. Frankly I DO like our chances with these two gentlemen. Only time will tell how right my judgement is.

Kosuke was getting Sammy-like jeers last night. No ichiban for ichiban.


  1. hey - sorry about the game - but, I did enjoy this roll through! Let me know if you are doing for Game 3, so I can watch and scroll as the game goes on.

  2. It's actually hard doing it. I get too engaged in the game (even when they suck) but I was only doing it at the game I was AT. I'll be at Jose/Cheryl's wedding this weekend so I doubt I'll be near a computer/blackberry for Game 3.

  3. My nephews are in town this weekend as their grandmother had passed away. They are HS age and good kids. It wasn't a sudden surprise, so there is some solace that she is in a better place. They are from Philly, so we lightened the mood at the wake between the three of us last night as I showed them the Phillies scores on my BlackBerry. If I could pull off a BB at a wake, I am sure you can get away with one at a wedding! :> Hope all is going well with you.