20 October 2008

Weird sports wrap-up

It's Sunday Night Sports Wrap from your good ol' Uncle Duey:
  • Tampa Bay is in the World Series. Cub fans, can it hurt any more than this?
  • Rollie Massimino is coaching the Northwoods University Seahawks (NAIA) out of West Palm Beach, Florida. 23 years after winning a National Championship and he's coaching a team that will never play on TV!!??
  • Dallas lost to St. Louis. We all wait for T.O. to implode yet again
  • MLB Players Union wants to sue baseball for collusion against Barry Bonds. Let's see, a highly attitudinal head case, being investigated for steriod abuse and definitely perjury, who could go to jail at any time. Yeah, that's a great idea to sign him and use some of your salary cap. It's not collusion, it's good business sense
  • Thanks to the sh*tty economy, the Cubs may NOT be sold during the offseason. Cub fans, can it hurt any more than this?
  • San Diego and New Orleans play in London next week. Honestly, do the English people really want this going on? Methinks the NFL's publicity group has lost their minds. What is it with the desire to send our over-bloated sports abroad? NBA was just in China. Other than Yao Ming, is there really other Chinese superstars playing right now?
  • Joba Chamberlain got a DUI on the weekend. Do the Yankees just HAVE to make sure they're grabbing headlines when they AREN'T in the post season?
  • Milwaukee is going to offer Sabathia a contract. Jake Peavey originally had the Cubs in his sights (on his way out the door from San Diego) but looks like he's going to sign for Houston. Cub fans, can it hurt any more than this?
  • BCS Rankings came out. Was this a tough one to call, really?
  • Is there anyboy better than Jimmy Johnson at the moment? The dude just seems to have it year after year lately.
  • Really bad football played today: Oakland/Jets, Redskins/Browns
  • Who the hell knew the Chicago Bears could even SCORE 48 points in one game?
  • Boston Red Sox fans, you've become spoiled whiners. No matter HOW bad it gets at Wrigley during the playoffs we never leave early. You should be ashamed of yourselves for Game 5 and I'm sure you'll all sit there and swear on your Yaztremski signed baseballs that you "stayed". You're only 2 more seasons away from being typical Braves fans (as in Atlanta). After 86 years of horrible baseball you've been treated to pure joy and excitement that we, on the Northside of Chicago haven't had now for over 100. Suck it up you morons and stop whining!
  • Lastly, Lewis Hamilton looks as if he's on his way to his first F1 Championship. He should have had it last year, but he lost his brains along the last couple of races and made rediculous rookie mistakes. His win in China gave him a 7 point lead going into the last race in Brazil on November 2nd. Barring some massive engine failure and Felipe Massa finishing 3rd or worse, he sets out on a career that could eclipse that of Michael Schumacher. I'll be watching to say "I saw it" when it happens.

Only 4 more full days in Florida before hitting the road for the drive home. I'm starting to get so relaxed that I almost forget what it's like to be at work. I'm sure that'll all crash itself home on Monday the 27th.

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