23 October 2008

I am NOT Joe the Plumber

..and neither is Joe the Plumber. According to FactCheck.org he made roughly $50K last year and his comments about owning a small business is that he was LOOKING at buying a business worth $250,000, not that he owns one.

It doesn't mean the business would be generating $250,000 in personal income for Joe, it's the pricetag he'd buy it for (which would likely include assets and other fine things). So based on this information, no matter how you'd slice it, he'd get a refund under the Obama tax plan if it were passed.

So now the RNC comes forth with a "I am Joe the Plumber" commercial with a lot of white faces in it. Well, if they are all truly Joe the Plumber than they'd all be getting back refunds. If they are small business owners making over $250K in personal income than it's amazing how quickly the RNC found what ends up being a relatively small percentage of the US Population!!

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