13 October 2008

We made it and with all of our teeth!

As we drove across America this past weekend on our way to Florida, it just really doesn't surprise me why our country is the way it is. Five states, 1400 miles, 21 hours and I have to say that in some parts, I was actually concerned for the safety of my family.

Roads, the infrastructure, actually are really good. However the endless fast food stops and kitschy crap stores that line our highways would have people from outside of our nations' borders thinking that we've lost our minds.

On one stop, we pulled into the gas station and all of the employees were outside sitting in cars smoking cigs. I went in and went to the bathroom and then came out and bought 2 diet cokes. I stood at the counter until one of our bluetooth wearing friends got his arse out of the car and came in to check me out. They ALL had bluetooth sets on. Hilarious.

Let's face it, I love the South, but you just don't do yourself proud based on the service industry employees you put forth. Thankfully we had a clean hotel room in Lake City, Florida but seeing the massive Confederate Flag flying just 20 miles to the North of that reminded us again of where we were.

Staying in Lake City was kind of fun. It's 40 miles North of Gainesville and the Gators were playing LSU in the Swamp that night. The motel was rampant with Gator faithful in their Blue and Orange and I have to say that some of the clothing choices were perfect for college football. Leather belts with the Gator logo on them in silver were fantastic. I want one!! They won 51-21 so all parties were happy upon returning to the motel, which was good as they didn't wake us up at all.

All in all though, it was a good trip. Some very scary people and/or vehicles one meets on the road does have you re-think that flying might be better, but I guess it's something we had to do as a family.

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  1. Ah, the road trip memories come flooding back. I remember eating in a scary fast food joint in London, Kentucky (which was in a dry county. no beer. very twitchy natives.) and on returning to my motel room, pulled a heavy piece of furniture against the door for some comfort. Good times.