16 October 2008

Lock, Stock and two self-absorbed idiots

Madonna & Guy Ritchie have separated.

Good on ya' Guy, move along now, 50-year old nutjob leaving England and your life.

Look, almost everyone knows I'm voting Obama, but we don't need THIS kind of help (this is what happened at the 10/15/08 concert in Boston).

Stating that she had been told not to mention Alaska Governor Sarah Palin,
whom she has badmouthed during prior tour dates, Madonna avoided any further
commentary on the Republican vice presidential candidate.

Instead, she simply urged her audience to make their voices heard in
the upcoming election, saying, "I hope you f---ers are registered to

"Take some responsibility for your f---ing country," she said, adding,
"Just vote for Obama!"

To further her point, she showed the infamous video montage in which an image of
Republican presidential hopeful John McCain was interspersed with clips of
Hitler and other dictators, while Democratic nominee Barack Obama was aligned
with Ghandi.

"Tick-tock, tick-tock," the singer intoned repeatedly, as she implored
her audience to "save the world."

Look, I'm not a big McCain fan, but he's far from Hitler. She's so far out of bounds that every referee would throw a flag for that late hit. Obama isn't going to save the world, no US President can/could do that. We just need someone who is going to look internally here and help solve some of the issues.

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