02 October 2008

TBS and Advertising

With the Cubs being a huge television draw, I have to ask after watching Game 1.... What the hell does TBS do to sell advertising?

I saw the same MasterCard ad I saw last year with the price of each base across different countries. We suffer through literally HUNDREDS of Frank Caliendo SAME ADS AS LAST YEAR promos for his upcoming series and, since I have DirecTV, I see at least TWO DirecTV stupid ads which they show over "local" ads.

This big of a draw and they can't sell any decent advertising?..........wow, either folks down in Atlanta are getting really lazy or it's just the suckiest network of all times and Big Ted just bought his way into showing the games. Even if it wasn't the Cubs it's Chicago and Los Angeles watching..... #2 and #3 largest DMA's in the country.

You hillbilly morons!

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