14 October 2008

You KNOW you're in Florida...

  • Dark socks and sandals around the pool - required when over 60
  • Coochie-length shorts on women that shouldn't wear them
  • You hear a woman (wearing those coochie-length shorts) yell to her kid "Sage, get over here now" and Sage is a 12 year old white kid with corn-rows in his blonde hair
  • BOGO dinner specials from 4:00-6:00pm (first definition on the link)
  • Local news leads are always some fantastic car/motorcycle incident
  • McCain*Palin signs are everywhere inside gated communities
  • Weather is always the second lead story on the local news (it's still 'cane season)
  • You're seeing loads of Presidential Political Ads (just don't get them in Chicago as the GOP has given up on Illinois and won't waste coin)
  • 3 weeks prior to the Election and a local politician is in a sex scandal
  • It rains through the nights
  • You have slight-to-moderate sunburn after one day in 87 degree sun
  • Gekkos are on the patio screen

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