18 October 2008

In a world of disconnectivity

I am almost always aware when I'm not connected. With a CrackBerry on my hip most of the time, you become keenly aware of when you don't have a signal. Without a signal you don't get email and you can't surf the web.

So it's only been by staying with my parents in Florida that I've come to appreciate how much connectivity I have in life. My dad is still waiting for high-speed down here. He placed the order probably two months ago and now, but because they'll be coming back North for Thanksgiving, he's decided to put a hold on the order until they return in January.

So all of us (my Dad included) have been relegated to trying to steal his neighbors unprotected high-speed access. It was working fine for the first couple of days but over the last few, it's become very dodgy and in fact, last night it was miserable.

So here I sit at the Martin County Public Library having my fun at a very high speed and trying to get everything done in a short period of time because frankly, who the hell wants to sit in a Library in Florida on a Saturday morning?

I guess the next time I want to bitch out AT&T for some slow speeds around the house or some downtime with the signal, I should just be happy that for the most part it's 99% reliable.

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