10 October 2008


All the phaff that is pre-season is finally over and its finally time to "Hey Koharski, drop the f'in puck"!

The Chicago Blackhawks open the season at The Garden against the NYRangers and I guess, because I've been fighting the urge to give in and go back to being the huge puckhead that I was back in the 80's and 90's, I've only just found out that The Blue Line will be back for one final issue at the home opener on Monday night and then it gives birth to a son, The Committed Indian.

As a mid-20's ruffian who went to the Stadium and then, the UC looking to get juiced and possibly get into a fight, forking over some coin for the "unofficial" program known as the Blue Line was mandatory. Unlike the lame NHL/team publications, this one blasted ownership and always posted a "Fight Card" for the night so you knew who to watch and what their history was of battles on ice. It also had a card that rated the officials so you knew what sort of night you were likely in for. Ultimately though, it firmly set its sights on DeadWing fans of any kind.

The Blue Line would usually end up covered in beer and in tattered pieces on the back floor of my Chevy Berretta but it set the tone for the night no matter who we were playing.

Here's a taste of some of the "new" artwork to come.

Ahh, the good old days are back. I've added a link to the creators blog site for good day-to-day info and stuff (on the right hand side of this blog).

I swear, I'll need to dust off the ole' Indian Head and pull it over my head and get my arse to the UC for a game or two. Congrats again to Rocky Wirtz for pulling this out of the shitter his Father left it in. I think we'll have a good product on the ice as well this year.


  1. Hockey thrives when the big cities do well (NY, Chicago, Toronto) - otherwise, we get lost. Pumped for tonite's opener against your boys. I said it last year, but this is the year. and no, NOT ALL LONG ISLANDERS ARE ISLANDER FANS! There is at least one thing we can agree on...DETROIT SUCKS

  2. Oh man, I started reading this and had this fantastically witty Sarah Palin observation in my head but then I scrolled down a bit more and saw THAT photo and twenty minutes later I regained consciousness after falling off my seat. Awesome dude!

  3. Yeah, unfortunately we'll have to live with our fantasies about this. Her voice is just so damn irritating though....I just keep thinking FARGO!